Contact us in complete confidence to discuss how we can help with a private event such as a birthday party, Christening party, First Communion celebration or After Funeral Reception

After Funeral Reception 
A reception or gathering after a funeral is a good opportunity for people to spend time together and remember the person who died. Funerals often assemble people who may not have seen each other in some time and a reception provides an opportunity for people to reconnect.

As many funerals are formal and sombre events, a reception offers a more casual, relaxed space for people to celebrate the life of the person who died. Amarc will always provide a professional and dignified service while offering compassion and support not only before, but also after the funeral.  We are here to ease the burden by taking care of all the necessary arrangements with dignity and respect. Some Belfast Harlequins members have already made provision for the reception after their funeral and we will discuss such arrangements with you in complete confidence.

First Communion 
This one of the most sacred and solemn occasions in a Roman Catholic’s life.  Most children receive their First Communion around the ages of seven or eight.  It is at this point that the Catholic Church deems them at an age of reason, when they are capable of understanding and appreciating the mystery of the transubstantiation. Your child, for the first time, will receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. That calls for great celebration!  Amarc will help you arrange the celebration tastefully and with experience from such events in Scotland, England and N Ireland.

After the baptism (christening) service, it is usual for the parents of the newly christened baby to host an informal party for the guests and congregation. The nature of the party usually depends on the time of day. For example, after a morning service a buffet or family lunch is best, but afternoon tea would suit an afternoon christening. It is usual to serve alcohol (champagne, wine and beer) at the party, as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee. Traditionally, the godfather makes a toast. Nowadays, however, the godparent best suited to the task can be asked to say a few words. Most parents also serve a christening cake. This is should be iced in white and bear the name of the baby and the date of the christening. Traditionally, the cake would be the top tier of the parental wedding cake, but this practice is less common nowadays. Our Swiss-trained Executive Chef was a pastry chef in London before returning to Belfast where his pastry is widely-acclaimed.

If there are lots of children, then it is sensible to provide some kind of entertainment or a separate area for them. Make sure you speak to the Amarc team well in advance about entertainment. Don't forget that many guests will bring presents along with them, so we’ll have a secure area arranged where they can be left.

Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries
These are always worth celebrating, whether it's the 1st or 50th. A birthday or an anniversary is the perfect moment to celebrate.  We have vast experience in helping organise parties to celebrate both birthdays and wedding anniversaries. We will provide step-by-step advice on how to host a great event, complete with plenty of tips and advice on anniversary party themes, invitations, décor, and etiquette.

Our menus can be found in the wedding section along with the range of celebratory packages.

Hallowe’en Parties
Our local Parent Teachers Associations decorate the clubhouse to great effect for children’s’ parties.

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