Belfast Bowling Club was formed in 1842 at the corner of Nelson St and Henry Street, Belfast. Between 1843 and 1873 the club had to move five times, settling in College Park East where it remained for almost 130 years until Queen’s University purchased the green in Botanic Gardens to build the new £38m McClay Library. The Club used the proceeds of the sale to build a new, floodlit green with changing and social facilities adjacent to the new Belfast Harlequins Clubhouse.

Belfast Bowling Club bowls in the Private Greens League with matches on Saturday afternoons lasting for 21 ends and starting at 2:30pm. Each team has 16 players. Wednesday midweek matches start at 6:30pm and last for 18 ends. Each team has 16 players.

On Mondays matches between veterans in the clubs start at 1:30pm and last for 18 ends. Each team has yet players. There is also club bowling on Fridays.

The summer season lasts from April-September. During the winter season the Club does not formally participate but many members bowl indoors at Belfast Indoor Bowling club near Shaws Bridge. Others play short mat bowls in local church halls and social clubs. These usually start at 7pm with teams of 16 players playing in four rinks of four.

Belfast Bowling Club welcomes new members of all ages and with or without experience. Simply come along to one of our sessions and introduce yourself.